Sorry, shop is temporarily closed

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, summertime is a busy time on Fair Isle. Between helping the local crofters, looking after visitors to the island and hosting knitting holidays, I’ve had to decide to close the shop to save any disappointing waiting times. Any current orders will be processed. We will be opening up soon. If you’re happy to wait, please get in touch, and I will contact you to let you know we’re taking orders again.

Lea x Sea is my Fair Isle knitwear collection, inspired by the northern isles.

A Lee is an old mariners term meaning shelter or the sheltered side of something (to be in the lee of…) To sail leeward is to go in the direction that the wind is blowing… My middle name is Léa and so, Lea x Sea emerged from a play on place and words, particular to where I live and work.

Here you can look through my knitwear collection and choose the colourway and size to suit you. Please click on an image below to find out more about that garment and select your colourway, pattern size and more.