For those wanting bespoke knitwear styled particularly to their personal wishes, I specialise in fine knitwear made pre-cisely to order. As a designer I am skilled at working up new shapes, details, colours and patterns designed around the body, fashioned specifically to fit the wearer.

My service begins with an initial consultation to talk through what you like, how you will wear the item and the shapes, colours and styles that you favour. Following this, I send out a preview of suggested patterns and colours which we then fine-tune. The final design is not reproduced for anyone else.

I work from a spectrum of over 100 colours of fine Shetland wool yarn, spun and dyed on mainland Shetland. Although I am faithful to traditional Fair Isle patterns, I delight in exploring new ways to creatively put them together. The time for the creation of such garments will depend on the time of the year and the number of orders already placed. This isn’t a quick service, the jumper will be made to last a lifetime and you may have to wait a few months before holding it in your hands.

When placing an order you will be advised of a provisional month I will be able to work on it and if I have already too many orders you have the possibility of leaving your email address to be notified when I take orders again.


Step 1 – Design

– with sketches and digital visuals, Marie will create images of what the fabric of your garments will look like.

Step 2 – Knitting

– all garments are knitted on mechanic flatbed knitting machines, hand-operated, using no electricity or energy.

Step 3 – Finishing

– is done by hand, that’s the sewing of the different parts of the garments and grafting of the ribs edges.

Step 4 – Hand-washing

– the garments are soaked in a gentle and soft wool detergent, dry flat or on a traditional jumper board.

Step 5 – Packing

– this is the most exciting time, once your garment is finally
on your way!


Thank you for my treasure as have always wanted a REAL hand-made Fairisle jumper made with real Shetland wool so highly delighted and hope to add it to my collection.

The jumper arrived today. It is just beautiful. I will always treasure it.

I got the jumper today. It’s absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly.

Dear Marie, It is with great pleasure that I can confirm the arrival of my order. I am, of course, wearing it right now.
I must congratulate you on your skill: clever girl! The colours are beautiful, the pattern is wonderful, the wool is excellent, and your technique appears to be flawless. Many thanks

I’m pleased and relieved to let you know that the world tour of my scarf ended this morning in the triumphant arrival at its new home. The scarf is, as you know, a masterful work of art that I will display as well as wear. This has been a journey literally and figuratively for which I am all the more grateful to hold the prize as well as tell its story. Thank you for all your hard work and bother.