For those wanting bespoke knitwear styled particularly to their personal wishes, I specialise in fine knitwear made precisely to order. Whether you are looking to enhance a piece from the Lea x Sea collection or to create a unique piece, as a designer I am skilled at working up new shapes, details, colours and patterns designed around the body, fashioned specifically to fit the wearer.

My service begins with an initial consultation to talk through what you like, how you will wear the item and the shapes and styles that you favour. Any supplementary costs are advised at this time. Following this, I send out a preview of suggested patterns and colours which we then fine tune. The final design is not reproduced for anyone else.

I work from a spectrum of over 80 colours of fine Shetland wool yarn, spun and dyed on mainland Shetland.
Although I am faithful to traditional Fair Isle patterns, I delight in exploring new ways to creatively put them together.

Bespoke Jumper
Bespoke Patterns
Bespoke Jumper

Bespoke Prices

Based on the garments that make up my Lea x Sea collection, prices for bespoke work are calculated as follows:

Fee for customised colourway = £95

Fee for customised alterations upwards of £45

e.g. longer arm length, different trim, additional pockets, modified neck shape, etc

To initiate an order for a bespoke piece, please fill out the form below. In addition, I welcome enquiries for individual commissions. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, to discuss possibilities and get an idea of cost.

Bespoke Order Form